Powertrac Delivers Complete Control To Eec Power Source Users


Extech Electronics Co. puts control in the hands of power source users with the release of PowerTRAC, a comprehensive software solution for managing of EEC power source products, including bundled options. PowerTRAC is designed for ease use, effortlessly configuring power source settings for optimal performance.



Telit Blankets Japanese Mobile Market With Softbank Certification

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that its LN940A9 data card has completed SoftBank certification. This certification represents all three major carriers in Japan. For more on Telit’s LN94x series modules, visit http://info.telit.com/ln940-data-card.


Primepoint Named Official Payroll Processor Of The New York Giants

Primepoint announced today that the company has been named “Official Payroll Processor of the New York Giants.” As such, Primepoint will provide payroll processing and associated payroll tax services to this premier NFL team in accordance with a multi-year service agreement.


Philosophy Of “Professional Collectors, Collect More” – Benjamin, Chaise & Associates

1888PressRelease – Benjamin, Chaise & Associates- Philosophy of “Professional Collectors, Collect More”.The numbers from 2017 have arrived. Benjamin Chaise & Associates, a Los Angeles-based commercial Collection Agency, implemented a new debt recovery strategy under the slogan, “Professional Collectors, Collect More Money.”

Baltimore Gets Ready For Musical Meatless Monday In May On May 7th

1888 PressRelease – Black Veg of Maryland and the Meatless Monday organization is celebrating going meatless in May! Let’s all consider going meatless this May. Ever thought about going on a juice fast? This Friday, May 4 from 6pm-8pm, meet up and eat up with Vegan Chef Ietef at award-winning vegan soul bistro, The Land of Kush, for a Happy “Juice” Hour or two! Located at 840 N. Eutaw St. (near MLK Blvd).

Three Shareholder-Friendly Policies Announced By Hyundai Mobis


Hyundai Mobis Announces Three Shareholder-Friendly Policies:
Retirement of Shares (600 Billion Won), Quarterly Dividends (1/3 of Annual Dividends Payment) and Profit Goals (10% by 2025).At the special board of directors meeting held on 2nd, Hyundai Mobis resolved to retire all of the ordinary shares it acquired and holds within the range of profit available for dividends in next year and additionally purchase and retire ordinary shares worth 187.5 billion won for three years from next year.


Great Clips® Announces Partnership With Nhl And Nhlpa As ‘Official Hair Salon Of The Nhl

Great Clips, Inc. is proud to be named the Official Hair Salon of the NHL® as part of a partnership with the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) for the 2018 Stanley Cup® Playoffs. The partnership centers around a campaign, aptly named the LegendHairy Greats of the NHL.